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SCBA TYPE1 6L steel cylinder self-contained Breathing Apparatus

Industrial Use made in China
$571.20 excl tax $680.00 excl tax
excluding shipping

Elite Cotton Coverall With Reflective tape - OCW 240 ER

Oryx Elite Protective Work Wear OCW 240 ER
$13.06 excl tax
excluding shipping

Eyevex Motorbike Kit

Eyevex Motorbike Kit is the best choice for students or drivers who want to have a safe ride. It includes helmet, safety vest and shoes, elbow pads and knee protectors. The whole set is made of high-quality materials that are comfortable to wear and durable enough for long time use. We offer you the best price in the market with an affordable shipping service! We know how important it is for our customers to have a safe and enjoyable experience while riding their motorbike, and our Eyevex Motorbike Kit will make sure that happens. So don't wait any longer, order your kit today!
$81.60 excl tax $95.20 excl tax

Eyevex Fully Coated Nitrile Grip Gloves, SGN 902

Fully Coated Nitrile Grip Gloves
$0.95 excl tax
excluding shipping

B Type PVC Electrical Tape

B-type electrical tape is a thin premium-grade plasticized polyvinyl chloride film coated with an aggressive rubber resin adhesive. It has good flexibility. It is highly conformable and unaffected by most chemicals and moisture
$6.80 excl tax $8.16 excl tax
excluding shipping

Spaciani,Self Contained Breathing Apparatus TYPE1

Industrial Use
$843.20 excl tax $952.00 excl tax
excluding shipping

Century's Metal Marker

High-quality ink with stainless steel tip.
$27.20 excl tax
excluding shipping

Eyevex Ear muff Protection SEP 167

Excellent noise reduction NRR 22 dB, SNR 23 dB
$5.44 excl tax $5.98 excl tax
excluding shipping

Medical Face Mask (Elastic) Blue - EDM 902

Eyevex Disposable Mask TYPE IIR
From $1.36 excl tax
excluding shipping

Eyevex Respirator Full Mask EFFR 1000

Single Filter Full Face Mask
$51.68 excl tax
excluding shipping

Eyevex Respirator ER 1395 N95

Particulate Respirator Class N 95 - NIOSH Approved
From $10.88 excl tax
excluding shipping

Hand pallet truck

$408.00 excl tax

Hunk High Ankle Safety Shoes - EHA 1135 S3

High Ankle, S3 SRC
$13.60 excl tax
excluding shipping

Eyevex Safety Spectacles SSP 208

Very light weight, 21g
From $1.63 excl tax
excluding shipping

Eyevex Safety Spectacles SSP 511

Adjustable Temple
From $0.68 excl tax
excluding shipping

Eyevex Safety Spectacles SSP 544

Anti - Slip Gripping Tips
$1.80 excl tax
excluding shipping

Eyevex Safety Round Welding Goggles - SWG-205-56

Welding Goggles
From $2.72 excl tax
excluding shipping

Eyevex Square Safety Welding Goggles SWG-209-56

Welding Goggles
From $2.72 excl tax

Oryx Cooling Safety Vest with Icepack, CSVO 8060

Adnoc Approved Cooling vest
From $34.00 excl tax
excluding shipping

Eyevex Chemical Cartridge for Half Mask ABEK1 - EHFR 5001

050010HMC/0503 ABEK1
Double Filter Chemical Cartridge for Half Mask
From $5.98 excl tax

Eyevex Face Protection A2 Bracket

Visor Bracket
$2.18 excl tax $2.45 excl tax
excluding shipping

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Eyevex - All Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) under one roof

Eyevex - believes in providing personnel protective equipment (Safety Products) under one roof. Our safety products are certified and manufactured by an ISO-certified factory using innovative designs with the latest technology. Our Range of Personal Protective Eqipment: Safety Spectacles | Chemical Goggles |  Safety Eyewear | Safety Goggles | Safety Equpments | Industrial Safety Supplies | Respirators | Escape Respirators Escape Hood | Escape Hood for Organic Vapours | Escape Hood for Inorganic Gases | Escape Hood for Acid Gas | Escape Hood for Sulfur Dioxide | Escape Hood for Ammonia | Escape Hood for Dust | Escape Hood for Fumes | Escape Hood for Mists | Safety Helmet | Climbers Helmet | Centurion Helmet | Centurion UK Safety Helmet Helmet for Height Safety Scaffolders Helmet | Welding Protection Industrial Safety | Industrial Safety Products Safety Face Protection | Safety Shower | Safety Scaffolding Tag | Ear Protection | Welding Work Wear | Tig Welding Glove | Tig Mig Welding Glove | Loto Safety | Hand Protection Hand Sanitizer | Foot Protection | Fire Blankets with PVC Cover | First Aid Kit | Corona Kit | COVID-19 KitThermometer Forehead Thermometer | Forehead Thermo Monitor | Fumigation Kits Emergency Eye Wash Eye Wash Station | Spare Eye Wash Bottle Wall Mounted Eyewash | Additive for Eyewash Station | Preservative for Eyewash Station | Bacteria Disinfectant for Eyewash | Water Additive for Emergency Eye Wash | Water Preservative for Emergency Eye Wash | Sterile Bacteriostatic Preservative for Use in Portable Eye Wash | Work Wear | Road Safety | High Rise Building Cleaners Helmet | Intrinsically Safe Flashlight | Hand Pallet Truck Safety Shoes | Coveralls Chemical Spill Kit | Safety Mask | Surgical Mask | N95 Mask Respirator |  FFP2 Mask | Medical Mask | Medical Face Shield | Face Protection Splash Guard | Splash Resistant Face Shield for Medical Staff Safety Gloves | Safety Ear Plug | Disinfection Gate  of all major International brands.

We Supply our Products to the following Countries in this region

Middle East
 Muscat, Oman
 South Afric
 United Kingdom
South America  
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