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Ear Protection

The Eyevex Ear Protection range is the latest and most advanced on the market. Our patented design provides superior noise reduction while staying lightweight and comfortable, perfect for extended wear. Whether you're at a construction site or just trying to get some peace and quiet, Eyevex will keep your hearing safe and sound.

Our earmuffs are designed with a contoured fit that moulds to the shape of your head for maximum comfort. The ear cups are also filled with soft memory foam, which cushions your ears and helps to reduce noise levels. If you prefer earplugs, our foam plugs are made from slow-recovery memory foam for a snug and comfortable fit. They're also washable and reusable, so you can keep them clean and hygienic.

Try our earmuffs and earplugs today and see what the buzz is about! Our products are available now from our website. Order yours today and experience the difference Eyevex makes.

Ear Protection

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Ear Protection Muff EP 107

Ear Muff Headband Type
From $4.90 excl tax

Eyevex Corded Ear Protection - EE 033 (Corded)

Corded Ear Plug
From $9.52 excl tax
excluding shipping

Eyevex Ear muff Protection SEP 167

Excellent noise reduction NRR 22 dB, SNR 23 dB
From $4.62 excl tax
excluding shipping

Eyevex Ear Protection SEP 033S (Silicon)

030010 SEP 033 SILICON
Silicon Ear Protection
From $27.20 excl tax
excluding shipping

Eyevex Uncorded Ear Plug EEP 033U

Disposable Ear Plug
From $12.24 excl tax
excluding shipping